Making a booking request is simplicity itself; just fill in the online form in the "contacts" section and we will quickly send you our offer. If you prefer, you can call us directly on +39.0125.308764 for any information, or fax us on +39.0125.308243.

  If you then decide to stay with us, you can pay in complete security online using PayPal, or select a more traditional form of payment using a credit card or cash.

Why use PayPal?

It's simple, secure and convenient. Upon confirmation of your booking, you will receive an e-mail from us, containing a link to the PayPal website; if you are already registered with PayPal you can then make

your payment directly in just a few clicks, or otherwise, opt to pay by credit card (in countries where PayPal offers this service) and continue just like any other online payment, but with the added reliability of PayPal.